What We Offer

We are a London based company providing a complete scaffolding inspection service across the South East of England. Our friendly team provide comprehensive reports meeting all current regulatory standards (TG20:13) within 24 hours.


Weekly audits of your scaffolding can be performed for the duration it is up to keep you fully compliant.

One Off Inspections

One off inspection can be performed if your scaffolding has been changed or effected by weather conditions.


All anchor points can be fully pull tested to ensure your scaffolding is securely fixed in place.


Ladders inspections will help ensure the safety of all persons working on your scaffolding.

Do I Need An Inspection?

To meet the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations 2005. It is the scaffold user’s / hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all scaffolding has been inspected as below:


  • Following installation / before first use
  • At an interval of no more than every 7 days thereafter
  • Following any circumstances liable to jeopardise the safety of the installation eg. high winds.


All scaffolding inspection should be carried out by a competent person whose combination of knowledge, training and experience is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold. Competence may have been assessed under the CISRS or an individual may have received training in inspecting a specific type of system scaffold from a manufacturer/supplier.

Why Choose Us?

The safest way to ensure your scaffolding is compliant with current Working at Height regulations and TG20:13 is to have your scaffold regularly inspected by an independent, fully qualified scaffolding inspector every seven days.


The default competence is a Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme qualification.


All ISIS Inspectors have been trained and are qualified to the Advanced CISRS level. This ensures that they are qualified and competent to carry out inspections on all types of scaffolding construction from basic systems to the most complex design builds.

Our team are available onsite 5 days a week 0208 335 3616

How Our Inspections Work?

Onsite Visit

Our fully qualified team will be onsite at the agreed time to conduct an complete inspection of your scaffolding.

Fully Compliant Reports

We will provide you with a fully compliant report within 24 hours for your scaffolding. This can be shared with all relevant parties.

Scheduled Visits

We come back onsite each week until your scaffolding has been taken down giving you total peace of mind.

Clear Reporting For Everyone.

We utilise our own custom made system  for all our reporting on scaffolding. This gives us a fully compliant system that enables you to easily share reports with contractors, sub contractors and end-clients from any device.


You’re in good hands

Our friendly team provides comprehensive reports meeting all current regulatory standards


Technical Guidance for Tube and Fitting Scaffolds

BS EN 12811

British/European Standard for Tube and Fitting Scaffolds

BS EN 12810

British/European standard for System Scaffolds provided within 24 hours