Knight Harwood

As the head of Health & Safety for a medium sized Construction Management company such as Knight Harwood, it is reassuring to know that the scaffolds on our projects are independently inspected by very experienced Inspectors who hold CISRS advanced scaffold inspection qualifications.


Scaffolding is often a high risk aspect of the construction phase, especially during projects in urban areas. In reality, expecting busy Construction Managers to formally and competently inspect the scaffolds on their sites can be another time consuming task in their already full schedules. I have also found that trusting an inclusive lump sum within a scaffold package negotiated by a Quantity Surveyor, does not guarantee unbiased or timely scaffold inspections. This can be especially applicable to some of the less proficient companies who may have erected the scaffold they are inspecting. That way of working has traditionally been challenging while never representing best practice to me.


Knight Harwood have used the Independent Access Inspections team for several years now. We have always found them to be an innovative, competent and responsive company. From a moral, civil and legal point of view, I am very comfortable with recommending Independent Access Inspections to fulfil a businesses statutory duties but more importantly, for peace of mind.

Steve Fitzpatrick | Senior H&S Manager


From initial instruction to end client centric report, Independent Access Inspections has consistently demonstrated competence, technical comprehension and relevant industry sector experience as they deliver throughout our projects where Temporary Works and scaffold structures are installed. We enjoy regular consultative engagement with IAI as we continue to develop our bespoke inspection programs that satisfy current Regulatory frameworks and Company expectations.

Lucian D’Arco | Group HSE Leader