Our standard inspection includes a thorough examination that ensures:

  • That the platforms comply with statutory regulations and the recommendations of TG20:21
  • That both the access and egress are suitable and safe
  • That the foundations are adequate, and are not likely to be disturbed or undermined.

  • That the lower portion of the scaffold is not liable to damage by interference, accident, traffic or any other extenuating issues
  • That the scaffold is appropriately constructed to carry loads, following the guidance from the TG20:21 compliance sheet or design drawing.
  • That the scaffold is correctly tied, anchored and braced to maintain stability under load and environmental factors.
  • That the anchors have been installed and proof tested by a competent person. Once the inspector has received the anchor pull test they will save it on file

  • That the scaffold complies with the requirements of the Local Authority, including lighting, hoarding and fenders, and in general is not constructed in a way that can cause damage or injury to persons due to protruding tubes, low headroom or other issues or hazards

We also ensure that:

  • Any attachments such as fans, loading bays and lifting gantries are properly constructed in compliance with regulations and the recommendations of TG20:21 or bespoke design.

We also identify and check potential problems such as

  • Identification of unauthorised modifications such as:

    • The foundations of the scaffold have not been disturbed or undermined
    • Guard rails are installed at every lift with none removed or unsafe
    • Toe boards have not been removed, displaced or damaged
    • Scaffold boards have not been removed, displaced or damaged
    • Transoms are suitably placed to support the boards and the maximum support span and overhang have not been exceeded
    • No scaffold ties have been removed
    • No bracing has been removed from the scaffolding
    • The brick guards, debris netting or sheeting, where fitted are still in place
    • The structure is not being overloaded
    • There are no signs of misuse or interference of the scaffold.
    • If any signs of misuse or interference are identified, we will report direct to the scaffold contractor and site agent